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10 Effective Strategies + 1 Bonus Tip!

Stepping into the new era of digital marketing, social media and other online advertising platforms has become to boon to various merchants, companies and sellers online. Studies reveal that a lot of small scale businesses and companies had been benefited from online digital marketing.

Let us specifically speak of a single online platform whose success has been skyrocketed in every domains of business in connecting people globally: Facebook.

Facebook is one of the largest, highly efficient and highly successful social media that a Millions of users use till date for various jobs. Most importantly, Facebook connects people In an easier, fun and clean way and that is vital for a business to run smoother. Facebook’s Ad is one of the most important aspect of it. There are about 4 million companies that use Facebook ads for their business. The beautiful aspect of this workflow lie in the hands of the Algorithm that Facebook ads incorporate with them to organize, prioritize, distinguish and Then present the right product to the users. Sometimes, it becomes quite hard to Understand the behavior of the algorithm. To be more specific, in spite more supportive Guides and tools by Facebook such as Facebook ad guide and ad manager, most people Misunderstand them and that causes a great inconvenience such as getting their account Disabled or blocked temporarily and sometimes permanently.

Before getting into the minor flaws that people get their ads fall into, let us bring front the 10 of their most significant ones:

1. Strange or Unusual Activity is Detected

This is the most common thing that people fall into. This one is easier and at the same time significant to get your ads approved. To get rid of this issue, try not to skip any verification that Facebook puts on the screen. It may seem of less importance, but would help the algorithm to teach a lot about your security and originality.

2. Running Misleading Ads That Draws High Negative Pull From the Public

Most people fail to go through the terms and conditions that Facebook holds. It is worth your time going through the policies and terms one by one and make sure that your ads don’t violate them. This is because Facebook needs to preserve the integrity of your ads and not to mislead the public.

3. Growing Slow and Smoother Keeps You Safe

Don not try to give away any ads that seems susceptible at your first try (say, you advertise an ad that is worth a thousand-dollar campaign). This really makes the algorithm suspect you and get disabled. Again this comes under their terms and usage policies that have been laid. Facebook keeps an eye on every new account you initiate. The smoother you move; more is the algorithm getting friendly with you.

4. IP Matters!

It is good to keep using any one of the IP addresses you have. Do not try to work with different devices at different locations. This makes Facebook think that your account is being tracked or at the edge of getting breached by someone else and disables it.

5. Keep Clean, Keep Safe

It is wise to get you ads removed permanently from the pages, if it receives a high opposition, down votes or any disapproval from the public or by the Facebook itself. Keeping your ads still in practice in spite of its high negative comments would cause harm to your profile. More soon you act, more is the safety you deserve.

6. Avoid Using Adult Content or Any Misleading Claims

This is more meaningful and straight forward. Facebook doesn’t want people to get claimed by contradictory ads, feeds or vulgar and offensive images or contents in your ad. Better avoid click baits in your ad and expose your actual objective to the audiences in a meaningful and in legit a way.

7. Direct to the Proper Landing Pages

Make sure your ads direct the browser to a proper landing webpage. Make sure your landing page is more relevant and exact to your contents proposed in the front. It is advisable to ensure that your designated pages do not contain any errors or technical bugs which causes a huge inconvenience to the users.

8. Proper Language Usage

The texted content that your page bears must follow certain syntax’s to get better reaches. Also it is significant to keep your content short, neat, creative and specific. Avoid misplacing uppercase usages, excessive and repetitive usage of punctuation’s and emoji.

9. Discrimination = Kick Out!

Do not try to discriminate anyone or anything based on their race, nationality, age, sex, religion, disability, marital status or nationality. Such discrimination’s can punishable depending upon the instances stated. So do not break away the ethics and morals instead try connecting people whenever and wherever possible.

10. Get Your Payments Done in a Right Way

Facebook recommends you to get your payments done through valid credit cards. Also ensure that your account do not suffer from any legal restrictions.

11. Follow a Linear Advertising Strategy

It is important to make sure that you do not mess up with the advertising methods or strategies you imply. Of course it is important and it is necessary to try out certain methods and set back the best one. But, getting your practices done in an uneven or in a very random way that clearly highlights your in-variance can cause your account get suspected by the

Therefore, at the end of the day, it is all about accumulating good practices and abiding by the terms and policies laid out. It is important to remember that practices like these takes a good amount of time. This is because that you are indirectly teaching the Facebook’s algorithm that builds a trust between you and the rest. Thus, along with you visions acknowledge all possible strategies and Facebook’s policies apart from the above described
ones to get the best of your business/outreach.