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Let your creativity flow online through OTT. Follow these 5 simple tips and marketing strategies below to get a better grip to your film releases. (plus a bonus tip at the end)

Entertainment for people has remained one of their most integral parts of their lives for years. Some people just love enjoying it, some show some further interest and make a strong career in it. At last, the noble vision of the industry remains the same, to entertain people in a positive and influential way. It is very important that customers’ expectations are greatly met. Different audiences have a different sense of taste and interest therefore It is highly significant to meet the expectations of the targeted audiences.

This Pandemic of 2020, has totally brought us to a completely new normal. We people almost changed everything the way we live, think, and understand. Entertainment has now become the most important aspect of all as people are locked down in their homes and staring at the faces of each other.

The film industry has greatly suffered from the impact of the pandemic. Though it is unnoticed, the losses that these industry bears are quite heavy and it is greatly unnoticed. It is always great to see your heroes and your idol to be on the big screens and most people in our country are desperate for it. But alas! No way, till this pandemic completely ends. To replace this and taking advantage of the idea of online streaming many people have started releasing their films, short films, and other productions online via OTT. At last ‘yes’, it has really worked and people from the entertainment industry see exceptional positive feedback and return from the audiences who really enjoyed it watching with their family and friends in their own private space.

Let us get in context with the one particular Kollywood film, “Soorarai pottru” that has received extraordinary reviews from the audiences in common, and let us discuss the marketing strategies that have brought remarkable success to their team.

Observe the Necessity of Customers

Every industry is highly dependent on their customers, irrespective of how and what they do, at last, it is in the hands of the customers who get benefitted from the products they deliver and experience them. Now coming to the vital observation, People are really in need of entertainment in this time of the pandemic, they really miss the experience that they have in the movie theaters and their expectation is to bring back the theatre-like experiences to their homes.

To make this happen, OTT is highly preferred, collaborate with the other OTT platforms ( like Amazon prime video and Netflix) and bring the best masterpiece out of the collaboration.

Make it:

  • Affordable
  • Simple
  • Interactive and creative.

This has brought us a new lifestyle of enjoying movies and yes! People are
loving it.

Educate Them

It is still a fact to be observed that not all the audiences you observe online are well aware of what OTT is and exactly how they work. OTT follows the model of negative cash flow. First, the OTT platform invests money in buying the actual product and later they get back the amount they invested in it from the customers, through a subscription fees (this is a common practice for most of the OTT platforms as it offers several indirect advantages).

Observe the Market

It is important to release your product via the right and well suited OTT
platform. There are many OTT platforms available in the market like Amazon, Netflix, Zee5, SunNxt, and many others. Make necessary research, analyze, and take advantage of the features that each platform offers and figure out which one suits you well and for the customers. It is not a good tactic to get your productions released in more than one OTT platform that offers different features at the same affordability factors. This creates a big dilemma in the minds of the customers and also they end up in choosing the less efficient one. Therefore, restrict the choices you offer to the audiences in choosing the platform and bring only the best one to their hands.

Understand, It Is a Serious Business

The significant aspect that most producers worried about apart from the fact that audiences love enjoying is the budget of the film. Soorarai pottru is a high budgeted film worth 45 crores. And it is important to think and act wisely for the team to clearly distribute the modules and integrate them with a common idea. Let us look at how the team of ‘Soorarai Pottru’ has come up with:

  1. Absolute/actual Budget – 20 crore
    Suriya’s estimated salary- 25 crore
  2. Total budget- 45 crore
  3. Sold to Amazon OTT – 45 to 50 crore
    Satellite rights (To Sun TV)- 15 crore

Dubbing Rights:
Hindi dubbing rights – 10 crore
Hindi remake rights- 10 crore
The net worth of the business- 80 crore

Do Not Get on Ease With Security Policies

It is very important to make sure that your product is delivered to the right and legit customers of the platform. It is not easy to completely overcome this hurdle in the industry. There are other different spaces online where they stream the owner’s production for free or for prices without the owner’s knowledge violating the norms, terms, and conditions laid out. Get help from various market analysts and professionals who knew more about this and bring out the best way possible.

The other creative solution is to make the audiences understand the advantages they enjoy by walking through the legit way. This would attract more customers in the right way.

Come Out With a New Marketing Idea

It is important to get into a good hold of the marketing strategy and attract the customers. Here, the team ‘Soorarai pottru’ hosted the first release of one of their songs from the movie in the mid-air over the skies.

This really made a huge sense as it is closely related to the main plot and theme of the movie. Also, they had their first looks released in mid-sky making the entire world watch them enjoying their success.

Get a marketing idea that is closer to your idea of your product, work with
people who can execute it in the right way and get accomplished.