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The Rise of New Wordy Epidemic

There are several Indian authors that you might admire and love their style of writing and narrations. But, there is always this person, who is meant for his vocabulary and the choice of words that he uses in his writings, Yes, it is Shashi Tharoor himself. It is a general fact that most Indians are not comfortable with the proficiency of English that very rich in vocabulary and hard to understand. We are comfortable with the simple English that is very convenient for us to communicate and understand yet, Shashi Tharoor’s works are still a benchmark in Indian literature and receive a lot of appreciations and good reviews from readers worldwide. Is his secret of success being only about the choice of words that he uses, or the mixed feelings of fun, jokes, and sarcasm that he uses in his writings or it is about the minute that he gives the reader to get into a different perspective of thinking? Hold your excitements in the upcoming context to get a good brief of the marketing strategies that he indirectly incorporates into his books to take his thoughts worldwide.

The marketing strategy that Shashi Tharoor holds is not very secretive or hard to practice. Or in other sense, it can also be accounted that he uses the most basic and the simplest form of conveying the right thoughts and his ideas towards his audiences. “Being simple is the ultimate sophistication”- and this goes well with great masterpieces like those of him.

Shashi Tharoor usually writes in various genres. In most of his books, he
discusses religion, politics, and related spaces that connect them. The most
important and unique characteristic of him is that the choice of words and
vocabulary he uses. It is clearly understood that most of his books are hard to read without the help of a dictionary or sometimes, it is better to go through the same line twice or thrice to get the clear essence and context and it turns out to be worth the effort.

It is difficult to imagine that a piece of music alone can convey as much as a passionate or polemical work of literature. I think a work of literature has
something special to offer, more details to offer than any other single piece of the art form,

these are the words of the 60-year-old Indian author told in a PTI interview.

In one of his greatest books, “The paradoxical prime minister” which was
published on October 28, 2018, he made something sound and creative to
induce excitement in his audiences.

My new book, THE PARADOXICAL PRIME MINISTER, is more than just a 400-page exercise in floccinaucinihilipilification. Pre-order it to find out why!

This was something that he tweeted for the release of his book, “ The paradoxical prime minister”. So what does the word “Floccinaucinihilipilification” actually mean?

Technically it means an action or a habit of estimating something as worthless. This is something that we never used or came across in our daily language, but this is something that needs to get a good grip in the minds of the people and keep them engaged. people are crazy after that day of his tweet, most of which are praising his sense and knowledge of vocabulary and yes, it was completely viral online and attracted the whole audience towards him and this was a way good enough to market the publication of his book.

There were a lot of likes, comments, and retweets following his tweet that he made on October 10, 2018, at 11:32 AM. A study carried out showed that there was a huge number of searches on the word “Floccinaucinihilipilification” on that particular day on google. To make it more statistical and easier, take a look at the graphical data below which represents the same.

And the Thiruvananthapuram MP says that his new book, ‘The Paradoxical
Prime Minister’ is “more than a 400-page exercise” in flok-si-naw-si-ni-hi-li-pi-li-cay-shun.

The time at which the book was published matters a lot. This book” The
paradoxical prime minister” was published just weeks before the state elections and just a few months ahead of the new year’s general election. This boosted up the curiosity and expectations among the audiences. Though the book seemed controversial, most of the general audiences liked it and stated that it gave a deep insight into the context and that turned out to be a great experience reading it.

The discussions continued for several consecutive days on social media. India Today on October 13, 2018, made an exclusive article entitled” Shashi Tharoor has everyone picking up the dictionary for his new marketing strategy” discussing the unique strategy that he used to get his book making a good benchmark in politics.

The following were some statements by India Today that evening:

“If you just announce another book no one would look at it but if you attach ‘Floccinaucinihilipilification‘ to it, everyone looks at it.” And this actually worked for him. His tweet did receive a massive response on social media.”

Also, Shashi Tharoor himself was amazed by the unexpected response from the netizens online:

I learnt words like this for quiz competitions and GK. It surprised me that
people didn’t know this word. The response it received was good but
troubling at the same time. Children between the ages of 2 and 4 years have
been taught the word by their parents and uploaded on social media. I
learnt the word only in college,

said Tharoor.

Also, the media stated that he became a local hero that day and people were
requesting him to teach the pronunciation of the word and were recording on their mobile phones.

Also the very next day, he tweeted about the same event and it was like an
unbreakable chain reaction in Twitter:

And people were again crazy about another new word
“hippomonstrosesquippedaliophobia” and also the public was making videos of them pronouncing the word and were rejoicing themselves online. And this well explains the genius marketing strategy practiced by Shashi Tharoor over years.