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SEO in 2021 Has Definitely Evolved and Upgraded From 2020

It is still the most effective ways of attracting potential customers to your site. This works like charm if it is dome in the right way.
Here are a few hot trends you can leverage in 2021 for SEO success.

Core Web Vitals

Google has announced that core web vitals are going to become an official ranking factor in 2021. These are a set of specific factors that google counts important in the overall user-experience of any webpage. The factors you need to look out in 2021 are largest contentful paint, first input delay, and cumulative layout shift.

So improving the URL, loading speed and how the page gets loaded may improve your ranking.

LSI Keywords

If you still stick to single keyword optimisation, 2021 will be the best time to switch to LSI keywords. This will marginally improve your search visibility and boost the content contextuality by letting the search engine to look for the related keywords.

Voice Search

The way people search for information online has changed significantly over the past couple of years. It’s still on the rise. So optimizing the voice search will be a good idea to improve SEO. Google my business listing, focussing on long-tail keywords, creating scannable content, adding an FAQ page and getting an idea about the unique ways people do voice search are commentable ways to optimize voice search.


Podcasts are still a charming sweet way to boost your SEO. Optimizing your podcast show notes can definitely uplift SEO. This can easily be done by turning the transcript into a full blog post. The optimize this page’s on-page SEO just as usual!

Podcasts are great for building backlinks too.

Rich Snippets in SEO

Rich snippets will enhance the searcher’s understanding of the content value of that page. Rich snippets enable searchers to make a more educated decision and this will increase the likelihood of being chosen in the forest of web pages. Rich snippets can change the fate of any research by a user on an e-commerce site.

Featured Snippet

Featured snippets always get extra mileage in the search engine war. They always get maximum visibility and reach. Creating a snippet bait in the web page and using strong keywords can increase your chances of being in that fancy little box. Next point to remember is to format the content of the snippet bait with correct font size, perfect tables and keywords.

Search Intent

Search intent has been influencing the SEO world for some time now. The reason is very simple! Content that doesn’t match search intent simply won’t rank.

As Google gets better at giving exactly what is being searched, in 2021 creating content that’s a 1:1 search intent match is going to be mandatory.
In simple words, the better your content match with the search intent, the better it will rank.

SEO Leverage Social Media Campaign

Your social media plan has to consider existing customers and includes ways to maintain loyalty and increase engagement levels.

Your social media campaign can also be used to leverage your search engine ranking. Conducting a giveaway using well-targeted questions can generate greater traffic to your site. Make sure that you optimize the page and make the answer easily findable.

Google Ads

Google ads are a brilliant way to promote your business outside of Google search, by showing it on relevant websites in the GDN. This will boost the reach and visibility of these ads. Optimizing your Google ad and your website pages using the same keyword can increase the organic traffic to your site.