Before a span of five to ten years, people alarm clocks got out the people from their beds. Sometimes they would smash them as hard as possible intuitively in their boozy sleepy mode and get back into their blankets. This ruins their whole day. Think of the same situation a decade later. People have adopted Google assistants to their homes. These hold an efficient access to the web pages across the internet by voice to text conversions. let us clarify the Search Engine Works.

The most powerful tool of today’s learning is, to be honest, is Google; Our phase of learning starts from the first word we type on the Google’s search bar, there we initiate a bigger part of our learning process. Thus, it has brought us such an optimised and a user-friendly algorithm for we people to interact with today’s world. Literally speaking, our lovely day starts with Google. This induces a curiosity in people’s mind on how these Algorithms actually work and what made it to do so. Let us take a quick glance at these technical stuffs on how Google search engine algorithm work.

The three important elements that drives the Google search engines are the: Crawling, Ranking and the Indexing. Let us take a dive into these concepts in detail and feasible to our minds:

Crawling: Search Engine Works

Crawling is the fundamental searching process in which the search engine assigns and sends out a group of bots that are called crawlers or spiders. These crawlers pick up the keyword with them in search of the contents. These contents that are to be searched can be an image, a video, a GIF, a Word file, a PDF file, or just anything on the internet. These bots just crawls up as soon as possible to the web pages. As soon as they find the link or the URL they take down them for indexing.

These processes are so faster than we people think. We have encountered a statement in Google that it reveals the total no of results and the time that it has consumed to get the best out of the results.

These may not give you a solid data of what it has taken but an approximate data.

There are some rules and some regulations that crawlers must hold to get to the right destination. These are the directories that a webpage possesses. These files are called robot.txt. These files are found in the root directories of the websites. These guides the bots to the sites that they must crawl through and the sites that they must not and the rate or the speed that they must do the same. These are vital for the crawlers to proceed further. If the crawlers are unable to get the contents that are indented for then they get back to the previous phase or else they stop accessing the contents and displays you an error message.

The Index: Search Engine Works

The index or the caffeine. Caffeine is a new term that adopt by Google that has the updated information or the database of the relevant content. These indexes contain a whole and a complete database of what it must be searched. These indexes don’t contain the exact information of the keyword that enter but its related information which may be even a ton of them.

There are many web indexes in Google that might have denied them the access and when these bots try to access them they get into trouble and may display an error message:

These may include:

The websites would have accidentally or intentionally deleted from the index.

The site owners might have added a no-index meta tag. These tags are given by the site owners to the bots to prevent them from accessing it to the users for various reasons.

It might also protect with a password so that these bots require authentication to access the information.

Ranking: Search Engine Works

Ranking is the most of the complex process that Google undergoes. The keyword that you have entered looks for the best relevant information on the index. And this makes the stuff difficult and more complex. Google has to update their Google ranking system daily to meet the user’s needs. And these updates must be efficient enough in terms of their algorithms to get into efficient tasking. If you want to get the best ranking out of it, the only best way is to increase the frequency of the words, or simply make sure that Google encounters the maximum time of your keyword that you wanted to. This is an analogy with a student learning a new language.

The teaching method must be such that the students encounter a
word or a sentence or a phrase maximum number of times to ensure that it stays still in his mind. The same applies to Google’s bots. They do look for the same. For example, if your keyword must be searched is say “ telescopes”, make sure that your contents have a frequency of the word “telescope” in your contents. This paves a good way to get a higher ranking.

Links play a major role in SEO. When we say links, these can be internal links or external links. Internal links are the links that link pages of your own website. Whereas external links provide paths to other websites to get a better search result.

Here Comes Another Significant Tool, the Google’s Page Ranker.

It is basically a tool to develop Google that measures the importance of the website by estimating the number of links that has attached to it. The more the number of links that it hold, reliable the website’s contents are.

The more links that you get from external links, the more the probability of getting your page rank the best.

There is also another algorithm, specifically a machine learning algorithm that Google has developed called RankBrain. This keeps an eye on everything that we see. This helps Google to get their users better search results. There are some criteria that must hold on or the constraints under which it developed:

Some of that are:

  • The number of clicks on a particular website.
  • The estimated time that user stays on a particular page.
  • Bounce rate: It gives the statistics of all website watch time where user has viewed only one page.

Therefore, at this time, those words above would have taken to a whole different phase on what it takes to get us a simple search result. And it appreciate that Google still keeps updating their ranking search engine on a frequency of daily basis to enhance and enrich the user’s experience.